Braindate X E-AI

Braindate X E-AI Create authentic and lasting connections within the community through peer learning. Do you also find that the word “networking” sounds dull, that too often discussions serve an agenda and that you are served a sales pitch in disguise when you are looking to build authentic and meaningful relationships? At #EAI2022, connection between […]


EXPLORE, CO-CREATE AND AMPLIFY Exciting Program Lined up for the June 14 and 15 Montreal Launch of the E-AI International Community. Montreal, May 9, 2022 In preparation for #EAI2022, our launch meeting for the international entertainment and artificial intelligence (AI) community, E-Al is unveiling a preliminary program with a strong focus on networking and business […]

MOOV AI: Building Partner of the E-AI Community

E-AI’s Building partners are a trio as eclectic as they are unexpected: a law firm, a bank and, oh yes, at least a company sporting the unavoidable “AI” acronym. Moov AI. Proud to count them among our closest collaborators, we take you to meet a group of humans whose intelligence is anything but artificial!   […]

Pre-launch #EAI2021

#EAI2021 The Entertainment-AI (E-AI) Board of Directors and partners are pleased to personally invite you to the pre-launch and first virtual co-creation meeting of the international E-AI B2B community. In Quebec and Canada, we are known for our world-class expertise in the entertainment industry and for our rapidly growing strengths in AI. When we imagine […]

E-AI X HUB Montreal 2021 @ OASIS immersion

E-AI X HUB Montreal 2021 @ OASIS immersion Entertain-AI is proud to have presented a panel of experts at HUB Montreal 2021, an international marketing platform for digital creativity. Watch the full event showcase video here.

Lavery: E-AI Partner Spotlight

Lavery: E-AI Partner Spotlight A law firm as one of E-AI building partners, really? Yes, really. Because while the collision of entertainment and AI will have resounding repercussions in each of these two industries, it will also reveal important allies in many other areas. Just think “intellectual property protection” for a moment.  Thank you Lavery! […]