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PARTNER: Images et technologie

Omniverse Enterprise creates a more harmonious and efficient environment for today’s dynamic teams by connecting them and the apps and tools they use every day. With 3D workflows now an essential component of every industry, efficient design collaboration between teams is critical. But the rise of remote work, globally dispersed teams, incompatible software tools, and compute-heavy technologies has made this collaboration exponentially harder—until now



Jun 14 2022


16h00 - 16h30


Exploration & Innovation


  • Emmanuel Agoston
    Emmanuel Agoston

    Emmanuel Agoston is a senior solution architect and pioneer in the M&E and AI fields.

    He is the founder and CEO of Images et Technologie. He leads a team of innovators and experts that combine M&E and AI expertise. Some of the IT projects they help define, orchestrate, and contributed to, have international reach and even as far as space.

    With more than 3 decades of technical background ranging from infrastructure, storage, networking, security, and AI, he has worked with most M&E studios in Quebec and in Canada. Emmanuel added AI to his arsenal over 8 years ago. He is now an AI practitioner and understands the benefits of AI in real IT infrastructure projects.

    Emmanuel is either in front of a computer transferring knowledge to someone that wants to learn, a a colleague, a partner, or even his 3 kids or he is leading a meeting for the next wave of innovators sharing and spreading the pleasure of IT LIFE.

  • Rick Grandy
    Rick Grandy
    Principal Solutions Architect – Media & Entertainment

    Rick Grandy is a Principal Solutions Architect on the Professional Visualization (ProViz) team at NVIDIA where he focuses on graphics and machine learning for the Media and Entertainment industry. Rick has nearly 3 decades’ experience in visual effects and animation with Industrial Light and Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Digital Domain, Bad Robot, and others. His work initially centered on the development of digital characters and animation tools but grew to cover the pipeline end-to-end including real-time previsualization, asset management, post-production, and ingestion/delivery systems. At NVIDIA, Rick combines his experience with the latest in production technology and advanced research to help our customers build the solutions necessary to perform magic on the screen.