How AI, art & technology can elevate the attractiveness of a place


Today’s developers, architects, and urban planners know that they must rethink how they are shaping places to stand out. It is important for people to identify with their environments in order to spend more time and gather there. Shaping these places to invoke this experience can result in more substantial and more authentic connections within the community.

This is where AI-driven art integrations work: they both allow places to be positioned as a benchmark for innovation, as well as boost energy and movement through the neighbourhood. Through audiovisuals, AI art integrations can express the data of how cities move and live, transmitting to the spectator the relationship that can exist between art, science and technology with urbanism and mobility.

Jimena Lopez, MASSIVart Mexico’s Curator, and Ana-Victoria Chavez, Coordinator of Strategy and Development for MASSIVart Mexico will explain how AI, art & technology can together be the vehicle of meaningful storytelling that people will relate to. To support her words, she will present The Eye of Mexico by Ouchhh, the first permanent public art piece that is driven by AI in Latin America and Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega, an AI generative art installation, which translates data from Mexico City and the building itself into visuals reminiscent of traditional Mexican art weaving.



Jun 14 2022


13h00 - 13h30


Entertainment Showcase,
Exploration & Innovation


  • Ana-Victoria Chavez
    Ana-Victoria Chavez
    Coordinator of Strategy and Development

    I am proud to be a contributor that seeks to enhance processes, working culture and dynamics. My main achievements include: becoming Honorary Person in Los Angeles, California due to my outstanding performance as COFEM’s intern; creating and developing a disruptive activation for PANDORA Mexico that was replicated in Americas; and in my current job closing key accounts like Ben & Frank, Profuturo and Kidzania.

  • Jimena Lopez
    Jimena Lopez
    Creative coordinator

    Experienced Art Historian, graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Since 2013, I have worked as a manager, coordinator, and curator of more than 50 exhibitions and other art projects. I specialized in Contemporary Art, with an emphasis on art project management and curatorship.