Times Square: Driving an engaging and immersive experience with game technology

PARTNER: Behaviour Interactive


Jun 15 2022


11h00 - 12h30


Co-Development Workshops,
Collision & Co-Creation


  • Frederick Dorosh
    Frederick Dorosh
    Technical Director

    A long-time solution architect, technical director and game aficionado, Fred helps businesses plan, execute and operationalize robust solutions based on new and emerging technologies. He specializes in AI, physics and simulation.

  • Jean-François Talbot
    Jean-François Talbot
    President, Executive Producer

    Jean-François is the founder, majority shareholder and President of Fly Studio. He is acting as senior executive producer and project architect for numerous projects. His expertise lies in media content production, integration, and programming.

    Jean-François has participated in numerous projects in locations around the world and has thus gained a wealth of experience working abroad.

  • Sandra Ear
    Sandra Ear

    Sandra is currently a Producer at Behaviour Interactive for the Business Solutions department. She has 9+ years of experience in video-games production management and IT project management.