Williamson Dulce

Director of Technology at Orijin



Williamson Dulce A.K.A Billy is a fervent Creative Director, Multidisciplinary Designer, & Serial Entrepreneur who shares an incredible passion for the niche of lifestyle, fashion, and technology. Based in Montreal, Canada, he loves practicing creativity & integrates his passions with an aim to build something innovative & groundbreaking. Serving as an advocate of Black communities, Billy aims to promote creativity and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to contribute to the growth & nourishment of a prosperous business community.


Jun 14 - 15 2022
Orijin Village


Orijin Village

Our mission is to address chronic economic disparity in communities of African descent. Through new technologies and innovative initiatives, we aim to foster sustainable patterns of prosperity. Together, working together, we strive to connect to achieve one goal: UP - Unite and Prosper. 0rijin is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the economic development of people of African descent and the empowerment of their economic, financial, and social roles through technology and new models of wealth acquisition and distribution. 0rijin seeks to address chronic economic inequality in communities of African descent. We want to encourage targeted individuals to invest in their economic health by buying and consuming in African-descendant businesses.