The idea of E-AI stemmed from the realization that no country was sufficiently valuing the business potential of the intersection of



A group of visionary entrepreneurs decided to
move forward and realize this potential.

Our DNA:


- Increase business opportunities
- Facilitate international commercialization
- Accelerate innovation
- Multiply financing opportunities
- Expand and diversify talent pool internationally
CREATE a fertile economic ecosystem
Collaborations, alliances, pollination, business development, etc.
STIMULATE promising projects for the benefit of other economic sectors
Health, environment, education, manufacturing, retail, culture, financial services, public administration, +++.
CATALYSE concrete monetization strategies that can be implemented in the short or medium term:
  • Development of innovative products and services
  • Mastering data to enhance the customer experience
  • Management optimization: operations, human resources, finance, +++.


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