Advisory Board

Marie-Josée Corbeil

National Bank

Senior manager, Commercial banking, Creative Industries Group

"Through the wealth of experience, expertise and diversity of its members and partners, this community will enable the two ecosystems of entertainment and artificial intelligence to continue to build bridges and foster collaborations to enrich the content of companies and make them more innovative."

Martin Lessard

MT Lab

General Director

"Always think about tomorrow, it returns fast."

Anouk Ethier


Digital Media Producer

"Making the tools of AI accessible to artists and creators will allow for its expansion and diversification, broadening its horizons. "

Bernard Duguay


President, CEO

"I can imagine a community that would know how to guide the evolution of AI in order to weave together ancestral wisdom and the data generated by the contemporary world; a way of understanding our roots to better define our trajectory."

Brigitte Monneau

SYNTHÈSE – Pôle Image Québec

General director

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." AI is shaking the ground beneath the entertainment industry's feet: professions and business models are evolving, the world of education must adapt, and the research community must get closer to companies. A permanent dialogue between all these actors and the development of collaborations will be key to the success of this profound transformation.

Catherine Lareau


Commissioner for Economic Development, Creative and Cultural Industries

"Our community, bringing together AI and entertainment, finds its wealth in the multiplying effect enabled by the cross-pollination of ideas and the synergetic dynamic between our stakeholders."

Céline Mornet


Innovation Producer

"AI is an ultra powerful tool, which today everyone uses in their own way according to their needs and abilities. The E-AI community will allow us to be inspired by it, to extend our uses of it and to demystify its infinite potential in the entertainment industry."

Céline Payelle


VP Marketing and Development

"The wealth of a community stems from its connections and its intersections. This wealth is only fully realized when the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. The entertainment industry is capable of empowering AI research to allow for a better implementation, understanding, and social acceptability of these advanced technologies. "

Christophe Cluzel

Radio Canada

Senior Director, Marketing Communications

David Usher

Reimagine AI


"Artificial intelligence has opened up a whole new world of possibilities in interactive technology. This new medium will change entertainment in ways that we can’t even imagine. The E-AI community will be key in bringing together the stakeholders to understand and explore what’s possible, and where it can lead."

Denis Bonneau

Images et technologie

IT and Media Solution Architect

"From my perspective, it’s the life-breath of the collective dream that is elemental in shaping the future of human creativity born of these two worlds."

Denys Lavigne

OASIS Immersion

Co-founder and President

"By facilitating conversations between two ecosystems, E-AI contributes to the emergence of new innovation paths, elevating our creative approaches and the impact of experiences at a human level. Personally, I am inspired by such a perspective and wish to play a role in the advancement of this vision."

Elaine Legault

Palais des congrès de Montréal

Director, Production Services

"The purpose of a community is to strengthen and facilitate new relationships. Through our events taking essence from both AI and entertainment, we will offer the opportunities conducive to exchange, discovery, and the creation of intelligence creation in all its form. "

Éric Lavallée

Lavery Avocats

Lawyer, trademark agent and head of the Legal Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence (L3IA)

"Einstein said that creativity is intelligence having fun. The marriage of AI with the entertainment ecosystem is artificial intelligence learning to be fun. "

François Chartier

Chartier World Lab

President and Co-founder

Frédéric Bove


General Director

"E-AI is an opportunity to mobilize every actor of the entertainment and research worlds to support high-impact collaborative innovation projects. "

Geneviève Cantin

Destination Québec Cité

Director, Services and Innovation Development

"AI is a strategic ally to entertainment: their fusion represents the way forward. "

Conseil Administration E-AI Guillaume Petitclerc

Guillaume Petitclerc

Moov AI

Co-founder, VP Marketing and Culture

"The significance of this community will come from the quality relationships and wide range of concrete projects provoked by the collision of two industries that are as complementary as they might appear different from one another. "

Hugo Boujut-Burgun

Thinkwell Studio Montreal

Research Director

"The strength of an AI x Entertainment community stems from its great diversity in applications for AI as well as its need and capacity for continuous innovation. "

Conseil Administration E-AI Jean-François-Connolly

Jean-François Connolly


Digital Intelligence Advisor

"A community blending together AI and entertainment allows, by its diversity, the connection of academic, technical, and artistic sectors, enabling us to envision our future from a multi-levelled perspective."

Jenny Thibault

Société des arts technologiques

General and Artistic Director

Jordan Soles

Rodeo FX

VP Technology/Animation - Executive Producer

Julien Coll


Research and Innovation Advisor
3D Technical Artist

"The opportunities offered by the alliance of AI and entertainment communities seem limitless but are still too little known. AI is a formidable tool that, in the service of entertainment, will propel Quebec creativity."

Marie-Eve Boisvert

Behaviour Interactive

VP Communications
"The community will find its strength in its ambition, its internal viewpoints diversity, and its dynamic interactions.”

Mathieu Marcotte


Head of AI Ecosystem Mobilization and Special projects

"Artificial intelligence has the potential to change our lives for the better and to reduce social inequalities. Let’s make sure that we use this technology in a way that is creative, inclusive, and responsible."

Michel Besner


VP Business Development & Strategy

Myriam Achard

Centre Phi

Head of new media partnerships & PR

"Entertainment x AI = let’s discover the art of tomorrow! "

Pierre-Luc Camirand

Cirque du Soleil

Director of Digital Customer Experience

"Artificial intelligence is one of the keys to enriching the user experience of tomorrow, while increasingly pushing our creative boundaries. "

Pierre-Sébastien Gauthier

Lanterne Digitale

VP, Strategic Development

"Unity makes strength. The union of entertainment and technology has waited too long before being put in the spotlight. Collaboration, innovation, and participation within such a community will allow both sectors to be pushed even further. "

Roxane Garceau-Bolduc

Québec numérique

Programming Director

"The spotlight will be brought to our community by discovery, knowledge sharing, and high-stakes debating of ideas. All of us don’t work together, but it is together that we can bring our sector forward. "

Conseil Adminsitration E-AI Sarah Gagnon Turcotte

Sarah Gagnon-Turcotte

Forum IA Québec

Director, AI Adoption

"AI can cause discomforts and raise questions, this creates a space particularly fit for exploration through art and entertainment. "

Valérie Boissonneault

Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec

Director, Economic Affairs

Yan Cyr

Beam me up

Founder and CEO