Arts & NFT : The impact on the creative process of the artist

PARTNER : Art Rapture

Have an art curator and international artist walk us through how NFT changes the artist’s creative process and the industry.


Jun 14 2022


14h00 - 14h30


Entertainment Showcase,
Exploration & Innovation


  • Gabrielle De Palma Demers
    Gabrielle De Palma Demers
    Creative strategist
  • Ola Volo
    Ola Volo

    Ola Volo is a leading female artist out of Canada. Volo’s large-scale murals and significant illustration projects have resulted in a global audience and large fan base. Her dedication to art and the community around her is exceptional. Ola has a unique approach to her craft, which is truly identifiable. Volo’s work is recognized internationally for its inventiveness and unique stories inspired by her Slavic background. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Ola’s distinctive style is drawn from Eastern European folklore, multiculturalism and identity. As well as creating commissions for a wide range of international clients including Louis Vuitton, Starbucks, and Volkswagen, Volo has continued to evolve the mediums she uses for her art. Over the past year, she has seen great success in the NFT art space. Ola recently dropped a phenomenal 2 collections on Nifty Gateway. The NFT space has allowed Ola to share her world with her audience while engaging and building a beautiful community.

  • Ryan E Watson
    Ryan E Watson

    With what started as a dream job working as a Fine Art Auctioneer on cruise ships travelling the world, developed into a life long journey of collecting and collaborating with the worlds best artists. As co-curator at Art Rapture, Ryan continues to work with established artists in producing solo shows, art exhibitions, limited edition prints and most recently, guidance and support for navigating the thriving digital art scene on the blockchain.