Framing your R&D project with your business requirements


The objective of the workshop will be to frame an AI project according to your business requirements. More concretely, at the end of the workshop you should have an idea of the questions to ask yourself in order to make a first evaluation of an AI project in your company.


Jun 15 2022


9h00 - 10h30


Co-Development Workshops,
Propulsion & Impact


  • Jean-François Connolly
    Jean-François Connolly
    Digital Intelligence Advisor

    Interested in everything related to machine learning, from algorithm development to product marketing, Jean-François Connolly has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in this field through his studies (M. Sc. A. in applied mathematics and Ph. D. in face recognition) and work experiences (natural language processing and Ad Tech). After having been in charge of entrepreneurship at IVADO for three years, he is now, part-time, in charge of a customized training program for managers. The rest of his time is dedicated to starting Paralog Studio, an AI driven video game studio focused on the creation of personalized and evolving characters based on the player’s unique decisions.