Jonathan Belisle

Head of Design at Prodago



Jonathan Bélisle has been a multimedia storyteller and creative UX visionary for 25 years. He brings innovation to society and starts new dialogues. He develops the faculty for poetry in people. More simply put, he develops new ways of thinking, learning, seeing, and doing. Part of his role is to bring innovation to society and start new dialogues around usages of technologies that can build a preferable future.

He works with companies, institutions, organizations, schools, museums & cities that want to integrate an Educational & Transformational Design practice into their culture. He creates experiences, interactive software & visual design concepts, and narratives dealing with the potential risks and rewards inherent in technological, sociological, and scientific development to exert an important influence on our society and companies come to terms with these innovations.

Jonathan co-founded the studio Stories of a Near Future institute, a Montreal-based Research & Creation consultancy firm. He is also the founder of the Transmedia Hello publishing house, Architekt! where he created the universe of Wuxia the fox. He is a Research Affiliate at the Annenberg Innovation Lab of Southern California University and a professor of experience architecture at INIS Media School in Montreal.  He is currently the head of design at Prodago.


Jun 14 - 15 2022



Prodago helps C-level executives and their teams design, plan and deploy operational, effective, and unified Data and Analytics Governance. Unlike solutions that focus on various data governance components or the data itself, Prodago focuses on the processes, tying them all together, from strategy to operations. By doing it this way, we provide you with a way to build organizational alignment on data policies that maximize your data's value while ensuring its compliance and ethical use.