LAUNCH: Sparking tomorrow’s opportunities now: the endless potential of Entertainment and Artificial Intelligence


Every day, Artificial Intelligence pushes the boundaries of innovation and technology. The Entertainment industry is constantly reshaping imagination and creativity. Together, they create extraordinary projects and applications that transform our daily lives while inviting us to dream of endless possibilities.


Jun 14 2022


9h00 - 10h00


Exploration & Innovation


  • David Usher
    David Usher
    Founder & Creative Director

    David Usher is an artist, best-selling author and entrepreneur. As a musician, he has sold more than 1.4 million albums, toured all over the world, and has had #1 singles singing in English, French, and Thai.
    David also is the founder Reimagine AI an artificial intelligence creative studio that builds virtual beings and virtual being technology.
    He is also the co-creator (with Dr. Damon Matthews) of the Climate Clock, tracking global warming in real-time.
    David has a degree in political science from Simon Fraser University and his book on creativity and innovation, Let the Elephants Run • Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything, is out now.

  • Philip Hodgetts
    Philip Hodgetts
    Cofounder and President

    Philip Hodgetts is a technologist, industry pundit, futurecaster and a podcasting veteran.

    With an early background in production, writing, directing and editing, Philip Hodgetts is now a technologist and commentator on the ever-changing digital landscape. He has a sound record of recognizing technology changes and moving to take advantage. Over his career he has recognized and championed evolving technologies, from his early infatuation with non-linear editing, through Blue/Green Screen, Drone camera platforms to his current focus on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the production and entertainment industries.

    As a podcaster from the formation of the specification, his weekly show “Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ”became a reference point for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution technology and business and followed on the five years of success as co-host and managing editor of DV Guys.

    With more than 40 years experience in production and post-production – over half in the digital world – he is a recognized authority on the changing nature of the digital landscape and has an enviable record of accurately predicting the implication of changing technology.

    He is cofounder and President of Intelligent Assistance – a specialist in XML based workflows – and Lumberjack System – a suite of logging and pre-editing tools to free editors to have more creative time.

    His deep dive into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and production (and ongoing writing) – Becoming an Amplified Creative – is a reference point for the evolving influence of these technologies across the production spectrum.