Metaversing, but how ? Something big is happening!

The metaverse is on everyone’s lips and all industries are turning to this trend as an unavoidable shift not to be missed. But what are we talking about exactly? Is the metaverse a massive revolution that will place the collision between AI and Entertainment at the heart of the economic and social future? Let’s take this moment to go back to basics and manifest our vision for the future!


Jun 14 2022


13h00 - 13h30


Exploration & Innovation


  • Alexandre Teodoresco
    Alexandre Teodoresco
    Vice-president, Strategic Development and Innovation

    Alexandre Teodoresco is the Vice-president of Strategic Development and Innovation at 7Doigts de la main. The 7Doigts are leaders in live performance in Canada and have been travelling the world for 20 years with their original creations. Alexandre has a keen eye for the future of live performance. His mandate is to guide 7Doigts into new markets, to design and implement strategies to explore new horizons for the company. His comfort zone and the projects he leads are at the intersection of human creativity, live performance and technology. One of these structuring projects, LAB7, already allows 7Doigts to embark on the adventure of AR, VR, XR, AI and of course the Metaverse.