Shaping the future of Entertain-AI International Community

E-AI’s DNA is to be a multiplier agent, to allow its community members to multiply business opportunities and concretely to:

  • Create a fertile ecosystem based on collaboration
  • Stimulate promising projects for the benefit of multiple economic sectors
  • Catalyze concrete and achievable monetization strategies in the short or medium term.

By placing networking and cooperation at the heart of its purpose, the E-AI community aims to be as inclusive as possible to maximize the intersection of artificial intelligence and entertainment.

In the framework of this co-construction activity, which will take place according to the principles of a World Café, the participants will be in ambulatory mode: they will be able to go where they want and divide their time as they want in the space / according to the theme to which they wish to contribute. Four major questions will be asked to which we would like you to contribute in order to shape the future of this community together:

  • Innovation: How can the community help nurture the incredible developments that exist in these two worlds and thus interest the industries that can benefit from Entertainment x AI?
  • Talent: How can E-AI help find solutions to this challenge and that will benefit the ecosystem?
  • Connection: How can we amplify the collision of these two ecosystems to have a greater impact in all spheres of society?
  • Financing: How can the E-AI community and partners support business model innovation and access to financing?


Jun 15 2022


15h30 - 17h00


Co-Creation Workshops,
Collision & Co-Creation