The future of Immersion : Fueling Innovation & Creativity with AI

Propulsed by OASIS Immersion

We are in this exciting time where AI technology is rapidly evolving to better comprehend our physical world, the meaning behind our sentences and our complex human emotions. This new understanding opens the opportunity for new types of stories and world generation in immersive medias. In this showcase, we will discuss where AI could propel generative audio and visuals to repel the creative boundaries of immersion and how they can benefit to the production of a new generation of location based immersive experiences.


Jun 14 2022


9h55 - 10h30


Collision & Co-Creation,
Entertainment Showcase


  • Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
    Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
    Creative Developer

    Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit is an artist and creative developer specializing in interactive videos and installations. For 10 years, he was part of Vincent Morisset’s team at AATOAA, with whom he collaborated to develop and create interactive art produced, amongst others, by the NFB, Arcade Fire, and the Google Creative Lab. In 2022, he joined PHI where he specializes in creating audacious installations through visual effects and artificial intelligence. His work has been rewarded with prestigious prizes such as the Emmy Awards, Cannes Cyber Lions, South by Southwest, the Webby Awards, FITC Technical Excellence Award and the Adobe Cutting Edge Award.

  • Isabella Salas
    Isabella Salas
    Artist and Creative Producer

    Born and raised in Mexico City, Isabella moved to Montreal, Canada in 2001 to pursue her major in Film Production at Concordia University, specializing in ways of seeing and experimental filmmaking at the EICTV in Cuba.
    Her 20 years professional experience in film, tv, multimedia and entertainment industries and her avid curiosity for technology have given her an unique insight of the evolution of the conception, production, and multi platform distribution models as a native to this giant leap in the media and entertainment industries.
    Salas’ artworks use artificial intelligence, video, synthesized sound, video projection and installation as medium to create digital multi sensory experiences.
    She has been recently nominated for the first CIFO-Ars Electronica Award, cycle 2022, and selected as committee for Composite MTL.
    Her work and collaborations have been presented internationally at MUTEK, Ars Electronica, Immers(ed) UK, Gamma Festival (RU), TransArt Festival (IT), Voltaje Festival (COL). Polaris Music Awards 2020, Espronceda Instituto de Arte y Cultura (BCN), and more recently at the 1st LATAM Biennale of Artificial Intelligence for a Sustainable World in Mexico City.

  • Ruby-Maude Rioux
    Ruby-Maude Rioux
    Multimedia conceptor