TASTET X NEXTAI: A journey into predicting your taste buds through AI


A lot of business problems can be solved through AI. How do you scale the human sense of taste to satisfy millions? Discover the journey of Tastet that made 100X possible with the help of Next-AI. See how as an entrepreneur, Elise came across her problem and made her way to the path of the solution. Challenges came along, but with the right help, it was made possible to replicate human personalization through AI.


Jun 14 2022


15h30 - 16h00


AI Showcase,
Exploration & Innovation


  • Elise Tastet
    Elise Tastet

    A restaurant fan since she was a little girl, Elise started the Tastet platform at the age of 23. Several years of work have led to 2.5 million unique visitors and 25 million social interactions per year and she decided to incorporate artificial intelligence to better satisfy user demand and meet the needs of restaurant owners. Tastet is developing new applications and new cities to become the one-stop-shop for food lovers. The opportunities are endless!

  • George Korkejian
    George Korkejian
    Director of Ventures

    George Korkejian is the Director of Ventures at Next AI – Montréal, the leading accelerator and founder development program for artificial intelligence-based ventures. George oversees the recruitment, the selection and the guidance ventures receive throughout the 6-month intensive program, leading startups to develop their technical, business and entrepreneurial skills. George has been actively involved within the startup ecosystem and has previously held roles such as Product Manager Consultant for different Montreal startups, as well as active investment roles within Montreal-based venture capital funds including BCF Ventures and Amorchem. He is also a Mentor for the Founder Institute and Fintech Cadence cohorts. George holds an M.Sc. in health economics and market access from the University of Montréal.