National Bank: Building Partner of the E-AI community


National Bank becomes a
building partner of the
E-AI community!

Yes indeed.


Far from the Manichean vision opposing the creative and technological sectors to the traditional industries, some challenging the status quo while the others comfort themselves with it, National Bank has been supporting creatives for more than 20 years now, and boasts a growing expertise in artificial intelligence.

Interview with Brigitte LeBlanc, Associate Vice-President Canada & International, Creative Industries Group.

Brigitte, what was the trigger? What motivated Banque Nationale to become an E-AI building partner?

More and more of our clients in the creative industries are talking to us about the contribution of AI to their projects or business plans. Artificial intelligence is becoming a must for many successful and innovative organizations in all sectors. It’s important to stay on top of the latest innovations to ensure that we are supporting our clients and partners.

How can you contribute to the success of the E-AI community?


Since 1998, National Bank’s Creative Industries Group has been supporting the unique and varied needs of businesses in the sector. We offer a wide range of advice on tax credits, liquidity, production project financing, working capital, business transfers, equipment and real estate purchases, and international development (among others). We also have specialists in artificial intelligence at the Bank. We have helped mentor students on several occasions as part of the HEC Data Philanthropy Hub. The cases we studied were related to the valorisation of data for nonprofits in the field of entertainment (e.g. theaters).

Also, as part of our partnership with IVADO, the Bank has the leadership of an AI industrialization community of practice that includes, among others, influential entertainment companies such as Ubisoft and Radio-Canada.

How can the E-AI community contribute to your success?

I’m going to echo the words of my colleague Julien Crowe, Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence, in a recent article in La Presse: Quand l’union fait la force (French). When you create a culture of collaboration like E-AI does, we all win. Sharing knowledge, both within and between organizations, can help organizations conduct their business better and find a better balance in the deployment of financial and human resources.

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