MOOV AI: Building Partner of the E-AI Community

E-AI’s Building partners are a trio as eclectic as they are unexpected: a law firm, a bank and, oh yes, at least a company sporting the unavoidable “AI” acronym. Moov AI.

Proud to count them among our closest collaborators, we take you to meet a group of humans whose intelligence is anything but artificial!


Put into words by Marie-Eve Trempe, marketing specialist at Moov AI.

What fuels Moov AI ?  

It’s a bit of a weird fuel, but we are powered by generating concrete results that solve real business problems thanks to AI. Summer and winter we accompany our clients, regardless of their maturity in data science / artificial intelligence. Through strategic workshops, we quickly lead them to one or more projects that will have a tangible impact on their operations. We then implement these projects and support them once they are in production.

Our mission is to democratize AI. To do so, we contribute to various projects that have a direct impact on the economy and society of Quebec: from the prediction of maintenance activities to the reduction of food waste, through success rates at school. We combine our sharp business sense with data and AI to generate concrete results for our clients’ businesses. In doing so, we guide them in discovering the best AI opportunities based on their context.

In short, our AI solutions propel our clients’ efficiency and revenue while mitigating their risks.

What motivated Moov AI to become a Building partner of the E-AI community?

On an interpersonal level, the connection between Guillaume, co-founder of Moov AI, and Stéphane and Annie, co-founders of E-AI, was instantaneous. Over time, Guillaume has become a master in the art of seizing the right opportunities that will make Moov AI shine and allow more people to achieve their ambitions, thanks to artificial intelligence. 

According to him, the collision between entertainment and AI caused by E-AI will generate many sparks.

So we wanted to be a Building member because we see the potential to create business opportunities, facilitate international commercialization, increase funding opportunities and accelerate AI innovation in entertainment. E-AI brings together two industries that seem different at first glance, yet so complementary.

Guillaume Petitclerc

Moov AI_Olivier Blais

Olivier Blais

What can members of the E-AI community ask Moov AI about ?  

Our knowledge of AI. Over the past three years, we have developed expertise in designing real-world solutions. And we rely on a team of experts and a strong network of partners to do so.

Specifically, E-AI members can call on us to identify opportunities in their context. We believe that for AI to have the strongest impact, projects must target the right opportunities and we are experts in targeting.

AI in Quebec is flourishing because of the underlying ecosystem, which is still not well known. Our colleague Nicholas is very interested in the AI funding ecosystem. Yes, it’s a bit curious, but he can really help you navigate it.

We also have the one and only Olivier Blais, who knows like nobody else how to mobilize audiences around AI. His topics of choice are AI adoption and application, as well as responsible AI.

Conversely, how can the community help Moov AI?

We want to expand our audience and meet companies that have an interest in AI. For us, the democratization of AI requires this kind of relationship.

We are therefore looking to promote Moov AI to the entertainment community. This will include a call for projects during the upcoming #EAI2022 launch event. 

We will invite organizations to submit their AI project to be evaluated by our jury. 

(Editor’s note: more details to come very soon)

We believe that we will be able to realize concrete projects and hope to grow from this!